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Name: Persia
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When I was a teen I used to be secretly fascinated about this world of magic. However, I never dared to even research about it. First, because I used to be a member of a church that is against that sort of subject. Second, I was too scared of it. Even though, still fascinated about it.
As soon as I dissociated myself from that church I realised then was the time to get involved in magic. So, I began looking for mediums, spell casters and etc. I have finally realised that not all magic is dangerous or bad. It's the person who casts it that decides whether to use it for good or wicked reasons.
I am now doing my research to get ready to cast my first spell. I want to be ready first and know more in detail about What I am getting myself into. I have also promised myself to never get into revenge spells, or binding spells or anything else that won't bring peace and harmony. Not because I am scared of things getting back to me, but I don't agree with manipulating people. I specially don't agree with things such as revenge. After all, you can't set peace with war.
I knew a woman who was so jealous of my happiness and miserable with her sadness that she put a hex on me. All I did was break the hex, send her light and move on. I would never think of getting revenge, because I am too busy being happy and improving myself. I just hope she can find peace someday, somehow.
My aim is to become an Eclectic Witch. I read about wicca, traditional witches and etc, and I don't identify myself with any group, I only identify myself with some ideas of each group. So, I've decided that I am going to build my own beliefs and methods, do as I think and believe independently.
Well, I think I've said enough,
Wish me luck! ;)