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Name: Sciath
Birthday: Oct 30 1995
Location: Somewhere
Gender: Female
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Hello everyone! Wiccan here, since 2008. And glad to meet any new friends of all ages :)
If you think there's anything I can do to help you with something, please let me know. I'm empathic and partialy psychic and I read a lot about many things, so since helping people around me means a lot to me I'll do what I can.
I'm a ''Green'' witch, with great love for dream and element magic.
If I can help you, I will. But I would never help you with, or encourage anything close to black magic.
Let's all get along! :) :) :)

(P.S.: Please,please,please,no more flirting, I'm a-sexual so I won't respond anyway :( Besides, this wonderful site wasn't built for such a thing now was it?)