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Name: simply_me
Birthday: Aug 28 1995
Location: The darkest of shadows
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I am one of a kind nothing more nothing less my name is Heather I am a pagan my eyes are silver,red,brown,and black(color changing)I would say I was human but,I'd be lying what makes it more odvious the fact that I'm reading your mind right now or the fact that I would rather drink you than kiss you? I practice ritual and intention magick. I am still trying to find who I am this does not mean I am a fool I'm just young and,bored. I am engaged to my soulmate no one will take from him so do not try! I am a punk who highly dislikes posers If you are fake do not bother messaging me...also if you do not belong here do not annoy me...This goes for Christians as well do not bother me with your false beliefs...Yes I am of vampirick nature....THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM A FANTASY CREATURE WITH FANGS NOR DOES IT MEAN I SPARKLE IN THE SUNLIGHT NO I AM NOT UNDEAD...Yes I drink blood only form willing donars...No I am not insane...Well maybe a few emotional issues...Do not use text abbreviations...They pester me...None of your insults will hurt me...I was bullied half my life...It can no longer hurt me...I love animals and use my pets for spells often...They are two cats named Gabriel and Jezebel...I am currently in need of a familiar...That is open to anyone who qualifies...I thank you greatly for your time ~Heather