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Name: Kira16
Birthday: Feb 14 1997
Location: El Portal, California
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Hello my name is Kira16. I am 16 yrs old this February 14. Yes Im a Valentines baby. My teacher is NateD, he has been my teacher since I was 4 yrs old. I am a extremely skilled Empath. I can use my Empath abilities at will. When I was 7 my teacher realized that I had a nack for it. And started my training in mastering my Empath abilities. Element: Fire and Earth Aura: Blue, Yellow and Green Spirit Animal: Bear Pantheon: Japanese Source of Magic: Fire, Wind and Earth Types of Magic: A whole lot of Everything Relationship Status: Single (Don't try to hit on me, Im here for magic not boys) My teacher absorbs energy through his body. It is really amazing to watch him do that. Wish I could do it as well. But I am so far off from being able to do that its not even funny. I absorb energy mostly through my hands. My teacher did a massive Snow and Rain Storm Spell on February 24, 2013. It was amazing cause my teacher actually asked me to attend the casting of the spell. I did my best to keep up with him and the other 5 Sorcerers that attended but I fell asleep half way through. I exhausted myself, that was my fault. But after I fell asleep one of the other Sorcerers that attended actually came up to me after it was all done and told me that even after I fell asleep my teacher put a Fire Circle around me to keep me warm. I was surprised to hear he did that. I thought for sure he would of thought of me as a burden but he didn't he treated me like as if I was his daughter. I am lucky to have a teacher like that who cares so much about me. I have only just begun a few months ago, exploring my past lives. I have explored only 12 past lives and I believe there are more but I don't explore them without my teacher helping me. He has explored all of his past lives. All 200 of them! My teacher has always cautioned me from performing Conjuring spells. He conjured a creature for someone one time and it turned out to be a creature of pure evil. We had a hell of a time getting rid of that thing. My teacher is someone whom I look up to. He is powerful in what he does, if he casts a spell or says a chant or even does an incantation. I have always see it come to pass in one way or another. A few days ago my teacher started teaching me about Shadow People and Shadow Eaters. He has a Shadow Person Friend who is very nice and kinda shy. I treat him with the utmost respect cause evertime I turn around we have a Shadow Eater trying to Eat Him. Most people I talk to say that only about 3 Shadow People inhabit a home at any given time. Yet in my teachers home I see on average around 10 - 12 Shadow People at any given time. I am a normal girl who does normal things aside from being a Sorceress in training. I like to listen to music, play video games, read books, create Spell books, I love practicing magic with me teacher. He is so patient with me especially since I get distracted kinda easily when doing spells. I cast one spell and immediately want to cast another. But my teacher always tells me. One spell at a time! I love talking with people especially people who are either beginning to start or have had at least some experience in Shadow People, Empath or any type of magic at all. Again my name is Kira16 and it is nice to meet all of you :) Root: under-active (12%) Sacral: under-active (-6%) Navel: open (38%) Heart: open (25%) Throat: open (56%) Third Eye: open (56%) Crown: open (31%) My teacher and I have read alot about Witches, Wizards, Warlocks, Sorcerers and Sorceress who won't teach magic or abilities to others. We are different we will teach you if you want to learn. Knowledge is a gift to be taught to all. That is what we believe and practice.