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Name: sares
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Oct 2018

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Coven Title: Priestess

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If you don't belong to this coven and want to take a class, have your leaders contact me or the person giving the class. If your leader was nice when my council and I had questions, we will let you take a class. If you are not in one of the covens that were nice to us, get in one or don't ask for anything.
If you have an issue with one of our members, copy and past as much info as you can and take the complaint to Guidance to be investigated. If Guidance proves you made more than one false complaint we will call you fluff and not take complaints from you in the future. FYI, if you are picking on members for leaving your coven, you will be screwed.
We are not looking for sister covens, but won't say no in general. If you are not a sister coven and need aid, we will do what we can to help, despite the dark arts label we aren't mean or interested in seeing people struggle. Our governing members don't know much about on line social protocol and generally keep to our selves, but aid in any other area we can do.
I have a dark side, it's not my fault so many people are stupid. The world is over populated with stupid people, I'm for nuking places to get rid of them. I like population control as a way to stop stupid people from breading. I like to make thought forms, they seem smarter than most people.
As priestess I spend a lot of time reading info on apps. I don't always see chat. My duty is to my people. If I find my people are being used, I will not be happy. You want to keep me happy. :)
If you are looking for information on the werewolf Path, please join the coven as there is just too much info for me to go through and get for you. And don't tell me you want to be a werewolf.