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Name: KaienFox
Location: United States of America
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 25 Feb 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am an individual not only with great predilection & interest for the mystical arts, enchantments, and powers which majority are selectively blind or rather ignore, but have some capacity for it myself. The extent of their current potential and efficacy I cannot pledge with certainty; although I have been told among them I posses perceptive and healing ability. Unrelated to the subject at hand, I am a Certified IT/IA Engineer for profession. My favorite animal is the Wolf. I have been told more than once I am a born leader. As an alpha-leader (it is my natural instinct to do so, take charge and create an efficient, organized pleasurable work environment for completion) for some time from being the director of small assignments, to clubs, to sate wide SkillsUSA Organizations, and finally Video Production Director for the entire CCSD [Churchill County School District] which entailed many duties such as teaching, students, teaching teachers, equipment maintenance, repair and ordering, etc. I feel it only strengthens my bond to these beautiful mystical creature. As for hobbies & interests, other than my unique pursuits & studies, I am an avid outdoor enthusiasts, Angler, Hiker, OffRoader, etc., & a hand on DIY'er able to build, fix, and maintain most that has been built. I have a background in construction and medical professions from previous employment. I am very resourceful and enjoy challenges among exploring the art of sciences. My current profession was a hobby and not one I choose so willingly. I am an individual who my whole life aspired to prevail in achieving one desire, my deepest. A desire to aid humanity & save the lives of as many possible to those I can. I know not to care for myself, and will sacrifice my life to save another without question. My original desired profession was to become a military helicopter pilot; wether for protection or defense in battle, or search & rescue efforts, AIROSAR [Arial Search & Rescue] . I also desired to do this in the civilian career process; by operating emergency hospital Life Flight, or civilian search and rescue efforts. If not by operating craft, then by civic duty such as an M.D., paramedic, or FBI agent. I have always seen myself as a protector and have acted accordingly. This dream of career fulfillment has never swayed or changed in all the years since my childhood, and still to present. It seemed that I would be able to fill this mission; ahead of my class and already certified before under graduation. Alas, the year I graduated with an endorsed diploma & as a member of the National Honor Society, I was struck with an incurable ailment that I struggle with to this day. [PN] Peripheral Neuropathy with [NPS] Nueropathic Pain Syndrome & [SLE] Systemic Lupus Erythematosus; an auto-immune disorder that amplifies the neuropathy nerve degradation and its side effects. Among moderate to severe pain in every portion of the body and first name basis with the ER Staff, this is a central nervous system [CNS] disease. As the CNS controls all functions of the body commensurate the nervous system, it causes many other medical disorders. Concomitantly among them Cronic Fatigue Syndrome [CFS] , Insomnia & Circadian Rythym Disorder, Epigastric Disorders [Hiatal Hernia, GERD, constant variation in nausea intensity, severe LOS & esophogeal impeadance, and pre-barretts syndrome] just to name a few. I have seen over 5 General PCP's and over 9 specialists including Standford Medical Center. There is but nothing more that can be done but to utilize medications to regain some semblance of normality. I would still take pain away from others if possible. As I stated I have a deep passion for the paranormal, mystical, magical arts and would like to enhance my abilities so that I may help others, not to cure myself.