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Name: NasLeFay
Location: Brunei Darussalam
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My name is Nas and i started practicing magick when i was 10 years old (guided by my grandmother, my mother, my sister, and a little help from my close friend (who happens to have magick knowledges from his aunt)). As you can see, i added the word "LeFay" after my name because not only i was fascinated by magick but also i am interested in fairies too (yes, i do believe in fairies). From a younger age i started magick and up until now, the gain and loss of 'results' has been the scars of my life.

In Brunei Darussalam (the country of which i lives) is very strict against witchcraft. If one is caught to practice ANY kinds of magick, severe punishment will be conducted (making the country hard for witches (although its a peaceful country) which is why there is NO witch's coven can be founded in that country). Witches in Brunei (i know that not all bruneian disagree against witches) mainly a solitary practicioners and i do understand why.

As for me, i do enjoy people who is not racist, understanding, who are good to me and others etc. I have to admit that being a witch is HARD practically here in brunei due to the punishments if one is caught of doing so (simply because the country is ISLAM as a majority). I also enjoy all kinds of good musics (especially when it comes to ritual). I also like to share things should my facts and information proves to be useful and helpful too.

I would like to add also that I practiced voodoo magick, Necromancy, The Arts of The Greater and The Lesser Key of Solomon. I am also interested in the ways of the Druid people, The Runes, The hidden Asean magick and folklore, Mythology of the God and Goddess (Goddess Aphrodite my personal favourite), Astrological phases and the moon, The Kabbalah magick and the seals behind it, and so much more :) I also like to help people in any way that i can.