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Name: NicoleYoung
Birthday: Mar 23 1996
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Heyyo My names Nicole, i am 14 years old, call me Niki if you must :) I am new to da site and looking for Covens/freinds Loveme Hate me! I dont care i still exist, oh and im a dorky nerd ;3; Ummmm... Lets see... Im Very intrested in Witchcraft ever scince i was 10.just message me with a subject that says:"Tutor Bud" an i'll be glad to be your teacher of Magick, i Teach: Pagan, Black Magick Demonology Herbology Tarot Cards White magick And Luck Spells ~~~ My Horoscope: Aries Chinese Zodiac: Horse Fav. Color: Gold/gray/white/ silver Interests: Wicca, Ghosts, Friends My oath: i will ways be there for my freinds Favorite Animals: Wolf/Owl/Lion Magic Type: all- mostly white- Other stuff: I am a Talker :3 and a necromancer, In my opinion no ones Different, :3 Me and my sister Kristen study magick together :)( a picture of my krissy is on photo and my baby brother Gavin) ~,~,~,~,,, Some more things ^_^ Your nickname: Niki Favorite game : Dragons Peek Favorite Card game : Blackjack :/ coutry styled XD Are you Country: Yea! and damn right proud! Single: .. Teacher: ill be glad to be anyones teacher who wants me as their teacher,just not from 7:00 a.m to 2:00 pm mabey if i can ill dneak in 8:00 to teach you stuff :3 Are you a nerd: a dorky nerd ^_^ Would you be sad and rich or poor and happy: Poor and happy :) Love or Money: Love