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Name: sanctuary
Location: in the window of the pale moonlight
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It's just like when you wake up and want to go back to sleep. Except I open my eyes and myself up to the chaos that covers the love. Now that I'm up, perhaps I can get ready. Because once you meet the dawn (love), it's too hard to wan't to go back to sleep (chaos). -Sanctuary "Krishna told me that was how even the demons can become enlightened and realize him. They hate him so much they can't stop thinking about him....The opposite of love is not hate. It is indifference. That is why so few people find God. They go to church and talk about him and that sort of thing. They may even go out and evangelize and try to win converts. But in their hearts, if they are honest with themselves, they are indifferent to him because they cannot see him. God is too abtract for people. God is a word without meaning. If jesus came back today, nothing he said would make any sense to those who wait for him. They would be the first ones to kill him again." - Sati, The Last Vampire "I gave you, I waited for you, I loved you, I-I-I. For the problem to always be about me, you always talk about you. But, darling You stole from me, You left me, You killed me, You-you-you. I am stronger than you and I will not be your victim. For all of our words are in the past. Yet I'm still here burning, living the reality of life that you fear, the reality of life that you run from." -sanctuary "I am tired. Not simply tired from a longs day hard work but tired from life, from my soul. I've felt it all too often but I don't welcome the sensation even though it comes with wisdom. Trying to preserve the goodness through my smiles, it fades. My tears dry and I become numb. All that's left of me is my desire for happiness. My desire for peace. My desire..... What good is my sanctuary if it's tarnished, weak, and burned? And is there a way to fix it...fix me?" -sanctuary "if you truly had the choice would you live? Would you let your soul take flight beyond the highest mountain or let your light diminish? I being the stupid romantic, shall choose to let my light diminish and watch your dreams become reality.....for I only wanted to hold you in my arms. I just wanted to hold you in my arms" -sanctuary