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I am the Guild Master of a Mage Guild. If humans live to die, then they die to live? If Humans learns from their mistakes, then why they are so scared to make them.. ? Why Humans live like they will never die... ? Why most of the Humans choose the money instead of love ? ... You go to Their Country, Murdering Them, and yet They are the Terrorists ? What Right gives you to Judge other Humans ? What Right gives you to to sentence Them to Death ? What Right gives you to Imprison Them? Who gave you This Right Human ? To Judge your own kind, to Kill your own Kind ? You think i am a Monster ? I will prove to you that you are a Monster, just like me, Human. The New World Order, It which Kills You, for Control over You.Blind You, didn't Act at Time, for it's too Late. Science the way of the Deceived, the way of the Lies, of the Conspiracy, the way of the Murderers, the way of the Blind, the way of the Fool. For them, the truth Unknown and Full of Their Lies. " There is no Heaven, wherein One can achieve True happiness and can live forever. There is only Hell, wherein One is born to suffer, and One's death is not the end. " " Everything is Lie, Nothing is True" " Is it a World full of Lies, or The World itself is a Lie ? " " Nothing is Impossible" L