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Quinton13's Profile

Member Info
Name: Quinton13
Birthday: Jul 10 1996
Location: Lawrenceburg Tennessee
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 02 Aug 2015
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Quinton, I have only been practicing wicca for a little over two years. I am still learning so much it is unbelievable. I am open to people helping me better improve my abilities and understandings. However I have a few trust issues so if it takes me a bit to trust you don't be surprised. My parents do not know I am wiccan, it is hard especially because they think I am Christian. I just do not think they would think of me the same way if they knew. I am looking forward to meeting more people like me. I have been betrayed a lot. Hence, my trust issues. I really hope this site will be a good experience for me and I am excited. Everyone has a particular magic that speaks to them for me that is darker more black magic. It just speaks to me in a way no other magic can. some other magic I use are healing and protection spells and charms. But like I said I am still learning. personal likes....I'm in my schools band and I play trumpet. I like heavy metal and screamo mainly but I like almost every kind of music except country and pop. I love video games. My favorite video games are mainly fighting games, but I absolutely LOVE the devil may cry series. I love anime, my favorites are soul eater, bleach, full metal alchemist, naruto, and dragon ball z. I am interested in learning alchemy. uuhhhh I really don't know what else to say sooooo....see ya! If you have a facebook and want to send me a friend request just send me a message and a friend request and I just might accept it. I am under Quinton Stamps. I finally got my chakra results! Root:under-active(-12%) Sacral:open(25%) Navel:open(19%) Heart:open(12%) Throat:open(38%) Third eye:open(56%) Crown:under-active(6%) favorite drink:dr.pepper favorite tv shows:regular show, the secret circle, and almost any anime. favorite colors:black, red, silver, and white, and violet.(or all together in one) favorite element: darkness or lightning and ice. favorite bands:too many to name. place I would love to live besides here: Japan or Europe. Personality:random, helpful(try to be), dark. Although dark magic may be what I am best at...one must be good at both sides of the coin. so as not to become overwhelmed by either one. Wicca is about balance, not what you're good at. Something you should know about me. I choose death before dishonor. I'd rather die than live down on my knees. And if I fall, I am taking everybody down with me. And probably most importantly I am a true vampire and I also worship the goddess of darkness and mother of vampirism Nyx . And it enrages me so much when people try to message me and are like "give me a vampire spell blah blah blah vampires are so cool blah blah blah" spells do not change you into a vampire. A vampire changes you into a vampire and not from a bite! That just causes bruising! And I didn't have a choice in the matter when I was changed! I had to either become what I am now. Or die. Plain and simple and ever since then I've been this way. And oh yeah by the way..I was 6!!!!!