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Hi, I'm Ireland, Wiccan name, Orinda. Christian forever I practice Wicca magic in my local park not letting anyone see me! I'm a little shy. I'm not afraid to stand out but obey the oath to secrecy I would LOVE to be in the Christian wiccans conven, I believe it would help me. Magic is my life but I can't stand the non believers! I'm looking for a good luck charm spell (my school talent show is coming up) my areas of expertise are in weather spells. I'm currently 11 and have been practicing since age 9. I know I shouldn't be on this website but I need to be! I can make fire move (standing one foot away) and not the flicker move, and not move places move, but I can bend it and predict disasters, Boston bombing, hurricane sandy, etc. I hope I can get better in my magic as I get older! God bless! Goodbye!