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Name: Crona1224
Birthday: Mar 30 1998
Location: Following the wind
Gender: Male
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Welcome my name is michael but you can call me crona im a sorcerer ive been at magic for 11 years now but im still learning it all started when i got interested in how magic worked and then i came across this site but to tell the truth doing magic isnt as easy as it looks i work really hard to keep up wih magic and sometimes it will make me tired but that's what working hard and practicing is for.
While im learning im also helping others learn to if you need help just message me and ill help you the best i can.
Quote: knowledge is the key to success.
Advice: practice and learn new things in order to get better or else you'll never get where you want to be.
Well have fun and practice
Zodiac: aries
Element: fire
Age: 24
Spirit amimal: wolf
Knowledge: advanced
Reminder: what goes around comes back around again