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Hello, My journey began as a small child attending Catholic school Monday-Friday. But my parents were Methodist so I attended a Methodist Church on Sundays. And this lasted throughout high school! As one can see religious challenges started early in my life. But somehow I was able to balance it all and playing Ouija boards during recess was one of the ways I managed to balanced it...imagine that. Catholic school girls playing Ouija during recess, hiding from the nuns... Well, that was 22 years ago. I've spent the majority of these years in the "broom closet" however, coming out to those who were also Christian Wiccans, which was very hard to find. At present, I am coming out little by little and each testimony is a releasing of a load, and a long overdue...exhale. As a Christian/Catholic I believe that there is one Godhead who created all including the heavens and the earth, and I believe that Jesus was His son, and our Master Teacher. However, I also believe that there is a main Goddess, who is the Mother of all, and I believe that Jesus was Her son. I believe there is a Father, Son and a Mother, then the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. I believe that all other gods, goddesses, and masters fall under the main three. This way of life that I have chosen has made me grow in so many areas and has led me to appreciate life and nature and all its beauty. It has also made me appreciate other religions and others choices as they mature and grow within. As a Christian Wiccan one of my main focuses is on spiritual healing and healing naturally with herbs. I meditate regularly on healing scriptures in the Bible and from other sources as well. For I believe a lot of ailments and sicknesses are a result of a person's lifestyle and diet, rather than a result of an actual medical condition. (This is not always the case.) In addition to having a strong knowledge of herbs, I'm also a spirit medium. I've been able to communicate with deceased spirits since I was 18 years-old. Not in the physical sense but in the spirit sense, as some confuse the two. I don't physically see the deceased but can communicate and/or hone in to their energy during a s?ance or during automatic writing. This is my most perfected ability and the strongest ability that I've only revealed to a select few. As a witch I have learned that abilities shared are abilities lost. Some abilities that a person possesses, that do not have to be shared within a group, should be kept secret. That's one of the beauties of the craft...secrecy. Being a Christian/Catholic Wiccan is a lifestyle, a spiritual path that I believe a person must chose on his or her own accord and should never be forced. It can be a wonderful combination that's a personal choice not a conversion. Blessed be ~IrisRose