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Name: SeverinHeart
Birthday: Aug 15 1998
Location: Bangkok - Thailand
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I am named here Severin. I started this when I was 12, this being the wiccan part of my life, yet I couldn't join this site here because it's restricted for people below 13 years old. I'm an indigo and part of a gifted family full of witches. They don't think of it this way, they think they're talented or some sort, but they do have gifts like I do. I have empathy, energy smelling, tarot reading practitionner (and a succesful one too), have had multiple precognitive dreams and I am currently writting my own book of shadows with spells, journal entries and information about certain deities, energies, rituals and herbs. I practice herbalism (mostly study it anyway) and make charms. I have a few friends that convert to wicca for the same reason that I do. One friend, I called her the dream witch for her specific gifts, had the ability to lucid dream and she is now working on astral projection. One of my sisters is a witch, she can smell people's auras and tell if they're good or bad, she can also sense an energy suggesting nearby events and if they're good or bad and what she should do, just like my father. Only he doesn't smell auras but can predict the outcome of the future through numbers. They don't practice wicca but if they did they would be very succesful at it. I believe that the line of "witches" in my famaily comes from my father's side. Wicca is something I am passionate about and I try using my powers for good. In my whole practice time, I've cast one dark spell, succesfully so and the outcome of it made me feel horrible. I've also written one dark spell in my book of shadows and I'm not looking forward to cast it. I love nature and its life. I love animals so much and plants as well. I believe that is one of the basics of wicca and I respect it so much. Currently, I am a lone practicioner, urban magick and in no coven. I have been here for quite a while so feel free to ask me anything if you're in need of help, advice or aid and if you want to suggest anything, please do. - SEVERIN