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Name: GodsAngel12
Location: Down the street. Around the corner and up ur ass! XD
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Magic is how I am able to interact with nature. I have alot of fun with it! Me and mt friend keep us being witches a secret from our parents because they are really strict...Some of my friends consider me emo but I honestly dont care. I love to fool around with magic. I have no idea how to tel what level I am in magic. My friend and I share an account on this website and it is this one. She doesn't use it though. I really hope to learn new spells and become a high level witch and when that happens, I will help take better care of the planet and teach others. ^^
I love to cook and bake sweets, I love animals.and dragons. I garden. I love anime soo much.... So much that I cosplay as soo many characters... And I am talking like 20 different xharacters. I love to draw and create things of my own.I
I knit (beginner). I also sort of paint. I am a klutz ( however you spell it). I am still a child. I have been practicing magick for almost a year and love it. I love nature. And hope to become experienced and share my knowledge with you!
Oh and also, I have a youtube account and the username is : Sweetloli1221. I have no videos but will make some once I find my camera... ^^
I just recently started playing yugioh!
My fav animal is a dragon and cats. I hate my life sometimes. Sometimes I love it. I recently started watching vamoire knight and I am on the last episode of soul eater. I want a dragon soo bad. My zodiac is a Leo. I have no children because I am a kid. My fav characters from different animes are
Death the Kid
Soul Eater Evans
Natsu Dragneel
Gray Fullbuster
Erza Scarlet
Dr. Stein
Zero Kiryuu
Sasuke Uchiha
Naruto Uzumaki
Miku Hatsune
Len Kagamine
Luka Megurine
Rin Kagamine
Kaito Shion
Sweet Ann
Zatsune Miku
Hagane Miku
Hachune Miku
Tako Luka
Itachi Uchiha
Gakupo Kamui
L Lawliet