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Name: stargazer227
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Ok so I am 19 I am Wiccan and shifter/skin walker by blood. Also I am vampire by ritual transformation, in which i do not always feel comfortable answering questions about. Any questions that you have about this information I ask that you think before you ask me about because some of the information you will hear will not be pleasant. I will help all that ask for help no one will be turned down or ignored just contact me even if it is not about magic. I will do spells for you ONLY if your motive is clear and it is reasonable and you share the needed information without hesitation. I DO NOT DO HEXES OR CURSES FOR PEOPLE. i ask of you this as well, please do not ask me to turn you into a skinwalker or a shape shifter or even a vampire. I will not. I will send you spells to do it yourself but i will not do it for you.