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Name: VenusLeona
Birthday: Aug 20 1997
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Jun 2013
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My craft name is Martina, taken from Mars, the Roman God of War.
Age: 14. I been practicing magick for almost 4 months.
I am interested in joining a coven to learn the ways of magick, and increase my spell-casting capabilities.
My main focuses are Shielding and Elemental magick.
Though I wish to learn: Energy Work, Healing and Summoning.
I am a Leo, My element is Fire.
Although I have a strong affinity with Air.
Feel free to message me. :-)
I have a lot to learn and am looking for a teacher.
I have not yet found my patron deity, so I need some advice.
I only know the very basics.(Meditation, Casting circles etc.)
My hobbies are Reading, Cooking, Art and Anime.