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Name: Lex0303
Birthday: Feb 19 1997
Location: Valhalla Gauteng Suid Afrika
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Hello I am a very nice but cautious person by nature, I am also very calm but people should not get on my bad side, I love animals and most mythology.I can see energy around objects and people, I have some sort of empathy ability and some sort of foresight(or connecting dots I think describes it better). practice: *Energy manipulation *Sigil magick *Astral projection *Healing(reiki) *Herbalism *Enchanting and charming *Divination *Elemental magick I have been dabbling in the craft for a few years and I am a true seeker of knowledge, and would appreciate help and would also give help where it is needed. One of my flaws are that I seek power and for better or worse that is who I am and need to be. "Waarlik,jy hang soos n weegskaal tussen jou verdriet en jou vreugde. Slegs wanneer jy leeg is, kom jy tot stilstand en ewewig" (Kahlil Gibran)