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Name: rainie88
Location: in my mind dancing
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I'm rainie
I follow lilith
I love all animals
I'm working on learning astral projection
I like candle magick
Everyone is connected.
Love urself!
Sagittarius woman
The Sagittarius woman is very dynamic and audacious by birth. They are very active, keep seeking for something new to widen their scope. They are fraught with great emotion and enthusiasm in the search for their dream. They can never limit them to circle but instead keep moving forward in order to capture their goal. They are not circuitous or evasive but honest and frank in their talking and doings. They are highly vision minded. But in the look out of new things they fail to master the present skill and left behind with less knowledge about that particular subject.
Not always, but are capable of sharp tongue in a bad mood and can be really very hurting to the other person. The Sagittarius women will expect others also to move according to her speed which is not possible. Being very optimistic they consider every opportunity as a step to move higher in the ladder. When it comes to expenditure they are very lavish or imprudent. The more they are hurting the more they get hurted but however it gets vanished quickly. Thus according to astrology they are to be fortunate or prosperous
Centaurs belong primarily to Greek mythology. They combine a savage and untamed animal nature with an ancient wisdom of human culture. The wisest, and in some references, oldest of the centaurs was Chiron. Rather than selfishly retain this knowledge, Chiron tutored the great heroes of Greece. Among his charges were non less than Achilles, Acteon, Jason and Hercules.
In a tragic irony, Chiron was wounded with a poisoned arrow by his student and friend, Hercules. Being immortal, the centaur's agony was unbearable. Chiron forsook his immortality, and gave the mantle to Prometheus. Zeus set Chiron's image in the night sky to honor the memory of this noble teacher. To this day we recognize his form as the constellation of Sagittarius.
Sun sag house 7
Moon Leo house 4