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Aura: Mainly Golden, sometimes Black. Rarely Rainbow. Date of Birth: February 18 - March 17 Animal: Seal Gaelic Name: Ron (Approximate pronunciation: Ron) Ruling Planet: Neptune Keywords: Spiritual, Loving, Super-sensitive. Gift Quality or Ability: Seal people tend to have great compassion and are highly adaptable folk. They are also the romantics and dreamers of life. Artistic and emotional. Sensitivity to the other world. Shape changing and connection with the faerie folk. Birthstone: Coral Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of otter and goose. Will also relate well to the signs of salmon, stag, and adder. Difficulties maybe expected in relation to all other signs. Description: To the Celtic peoples, the sea that surrounded their lands was a place of wonder and mystery. In Scottish folklore the Selkies or Seal-Faeries are seals that turns into young maidens when they emerges from the sea. The seal is regarded as a magical animal for its ability to vanish effortlessly beneath the water with barely a ripple. The seal represents love, happiness and dilemma and the unseen, sometimes enchanted boundary between longing and contentment. People with the seal as their animal guide often tend to be peaceful types although they can have a tendency to become over-emotional on occasion. In general though they effortlessly combine playfulness with hard work. Due to it's watery association the seal is associated with creativity, intuition, emotions and the dream world. It allows us to connect with our inner child. In their natural environment the seal is confident, swift and graceful, moving effortlessly through the watery depths. On land however the seal is awkward and clumsy and slow. It is much more vulnerable to dangers, in particular it's playfulness means it can become easily distracted and let its guard down. Seals create a connectivity with our emotions and our natural inner rhythms and intuitive awareness and imagination. When you allow yourself to be guided by the seal you allow yourself to listen to your inner voice.