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Name: jk_witch23
Birthday: Mar 1 1994
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
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My name is Jenna Kamille. My besties call me Jen, Kammy or JK. So, JK doesn't stand for Just Kidding, Just Joking or Joke. It's my nickname dumb-head! :P

Anyway ..

As obvious, i'm a witch! A friendly one, so you can add me as a FRiEND if you like, just message me about it so I can confirm it and you can ADD me on Facebook & Twitter too . You can ask me questions about spells or something, just please feel free to message me. I'm just a practitioner of magick not that expert but I know some.

I focus on Love, Lust, Break-Up, Marriage, Reconcile and Friendship Spells. They're my major focus. On Money, Luck and other spells are my minors.

If you need any help, just message me. ^^

So, just stay connected, HAHA! :))

-- JK