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Hello there, Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been a practicing witch for ten years now,I started when I was just thirteen but it has only been over the past three years or so I have got serious about the craft Every spell I've cast since then has worked, I'm well researched and I always want to learn more. I'm now twenty three, I love casting spells and being a witch. But I don't go round telling everyone.(My friends and family don't know - they don't ask about my candles and insence sticks!If they do I tell them I practice yoga and meditate which isn't I lie cause I enjoy that too.) I keep it to myself as I see it was a lifestyle and spirtual choice and something personal to me and the way I practice the craft may be very different to you but I respect the ways and rituals of others. My favourite spells are: Love spells, Romance spells and Sexual spells. My favourite author is Fiona Horne (I think I have all her books, she's fabulous!) My favourite animals are : Cats (all cats, but black cats are the best!) Wolves (I have dreams about them most nights, they are beautiul creatures.) All birds (My Grandmother used to say she wanted to come back as a swallow,she passed away a few years ago, so whenever I see one I'd like to think she's free and happy flying in the sky.) Favourite people : Witches, Non witches and all those who want to learn the craft, people who love to laugh and have fun and don't care what anyone thinks about them. My spell casting tips: * Use ALL the right equiptment for your spell - don't miss things off the list, everything is important. If you miss something out then the spell won't work or it will but it won't last as long as you want and you will have to cast again. * Cast every spell with a clear result in mind. This is YOUR spell no one elses. So think hard about who you are casting this spell on and use your imagination and fire up your desire, this will create your ideal situation. * What is the current phase of the moon? Check online and get it right. A waxing moon is great for a friendship that is ready to grow into something more, if you want to bring someone closer to you and get to know them better, then a friendly chat will turn into a flirtation after this spell. A full moon is for full blown romance and a highly charged passionate relationship. It might be best to try the waxing moon cast first then go for casting a full moon spell, just to ease yourself in. It is VERY powerful! * It's totally ok to cast spells during the day.(The power and energy of our beautiful moon is with us during daylight hours not just as it turns dark.) I always have a Friday off as my rota day off work so I can cast my powerful passion and romance spells during the day for myself and for my friends. Friday is the day ruled by our goddess Venus of love, romance, sex and friendship (basically, all the greatest most wonderful things in the world.) If you can't cast your love spell on a Friday, No worries, The day or night of a full moon will bring you lots of love and passion! * Know your colours, herbs and oils. My spells are love/ romance spells. So lots of pink and red. Jasmine and Ylang Ylang oil, Beautiful flowers and sweet herbs and fluids. * If you are casting a spell on a certain person visualisation is important, you must have a idea what this person looks like and to picture their face in your minds eye before during and after your spell. To direct your magic use a photograph of the person you desire or you can use anything that has their energy: hair, fingernail clippings, a buisness card that belongs to them,their handwriting, some soil that they have stepped in, a glass that they have drunk from. Just DON't let them see you do this, whatever you do! * BE POSITIVE and wait for a result. I don't like spells that say: "in a week this spell will work" Most spells I have cast can take up to month to work but that just means they are powerful and the universe is putting a grand plan into play using all the infomation I have given. Keep smiling, forget about the spell you cast and do something fun. When you least expect it you will get your lovely result.