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ZombieBride's Profile

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Name: ZombieBride
Location: Hell where all the fun people go
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Apr 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
[I am a Satanist. I am under protection of Satan. On 9/4/12 Satan came to me and gave me this new life. After being a Atheist for 3 years & a half I now have something to believe in again cause of Father Satan. On 9/7/12, I did the Satanic Ritual to sell my soul to Satan. I will be loyal to my God at all times. I will always love you my Father Lord Satan! "HAIL SATAN!!!" A prayer for my Father Satan "Satan, if you chose me to believe in you, I will believe in you for eternity. I want you to help me out through life. When I am down, I want you to be there for me to make me happy. When I am in danger or getting hurt by someone or people, please Satan, keep me under your protection. When I need help in my life , I will look for your guidance. When I am sick, please kill the bad sickness away from me. Please keep me close to you at all times. I will need you a lot. I want to learn a lot of about you. You will always be my one and only God. I have already dedicated my soul to you by doing the prayer, writing my name in my blood and setting the paper on fire with your prayer and my name written in blood. I am your true believer. So please Satan, keep me under your protection, I will keep you under my protection when people try to harm you. I believe you will keep me under your protection by being by my side at all times. I will be loyal to you all the time. Those 2 prayers "Prayers Upon Wakening" and "Prayer Before Sleep", I will pray to you every morning and every night. When I pray to you asking for help, please answer them. I will always try to get in contact with you so I can talk to you when I need you or when I am asking for your guidance. When you can't be around me to protect me, please leave your demons around me so I can be protected. HAIL SATAN!"] DO NOT STEAL THE PRAYER I MADE!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ RULES!!! 1. Please don't hit on me. 2. Don't come to me bitching at me because I am a Satanist. 3. NO ASKING FOR NUDES!!! 4. Don't talk perverted with me. 5. Don't cause a fight with me. If you do brake 1 of these rules, you will be blocked! I AM SERIOUS YOU WILL BE BLOCKED!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I am 18 in 12th grade. I am hoping that I will pass highschool and to have a good life. I am from Targu-Mures, Romania. I am a hyper person :) But I can get extremely pissed of that person gets me really pissed off. Getting me pissed off isn't a very good thing. I am lovable and friendly. But I can be a pervert at times but mostly now I am perverted all the time ;) I don't smoke but maybe I may drink a bit of the alcohol xD I am a random person who likes to have a lot of fun. I love doing fun stuff :3" (I will add more later on) "I love anime a lot. I've been watching anime since I was in 6th grade. The first anime I fell inlove with was FullMetal Alchemist. Fullmetal Alchemist has such a great story line. Then came Naruto in 7th grade and then D.Gray-Man in 8th grade. D.Gray-Man is such a great anime :) I used to be such a Naruto freak back then (: I first started watching Hellsing back in 9th grade in Miami Lakes Tech in the anime club there. Alucard is suppose to be Count Dracula and he is a immortal. Dracula is spelled backwards as Alucard :D Now that's awesome! Alucard is such a sexy dude! ;) I watched Mar before and it was actually good. Inuyasha is a good anime. Inuyasha is so hot when he is a half demon when he is shirtless :3" (I will add more later on)