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Name: magicrose
Birthday: Feb 6 2001
Location: a full moon in michigan
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 27 Dec 2013
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call me raven :3 MY LIST OF STUFF Hello in a wolf pack I'm the sentinel or the wolf that patrols the territory for checking the surroundings I greet new wolves into the pack and I also set the rules I give warnings and if I'm not taken seriously than I can ban you from the pack I also make sure that everyone stays in harmony and that rules are respected Mailing rules MUST BE TAGED OR WILL NOT BE READ BE NICE,RUDE/OFFENDING/SEXUAL COMENTS YOU WILL BE BLOCKED CONTINUOS FLOODING OF MY MAIL BOX YOU WILL BE BLOCKED IF YOU WANT YOUR MAIL QUICKLY READ AND ANSERD MAIL ME BETWEEN 8- 11 NITE PLEASE FOLLOW RULES THANK YOU :) Well thats it want more info about me mail me