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Name: angel/wing
Birthday: Oct 27 1972
Location: SURREY BC
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Jan 2013
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I'm a new Wicca/Sorceriss and havn't done many spells, so if you can help, plz msg me-Thanks;)
My Gods/Godess that i work with is.Mother Mary(Christian),Jesus Christ(Christian)Zeus (Greek),Odin (Norse),Artemis (Greek),Apollo (Greek), Cupid (Roman)and Venus (Roman)

My Astral Projection God is. Hermes (Greek)

My Magic name is:Angel/Wing.
My Daugher is:Silver/Angel.
My Sign is:Scorpio.
My Element is Water.
My Religion is:Roman Catholic.
I hope I'll learn more on my inner power.
My inner power is: Astral Projection (Weak), can see ghosts (Weak) and I also might have Healing Hands. (not sure)