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Name: matthewpaul
Location: where the two rodes cross the rising star (this is a real place look on my facebook)
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I don't role play so don't ask! I am a IV generation templar wizard I practice a form of templar magic unknown to many due to the hatred and persecution it suffers from the church and many kindred alike it is my destiny to teach others what I have been shown. I studded under Oberon ZellRavenheart at the grey school of wizardry if you haven't herd of it look it up its really quite awesome. I seem a bit daft and strange from first glance but after knowing me you find I am quite complex, have a heart of gold and will treat you with all the love and respect you deserve. I studied at a number of private schools as a child graduating high school at the age of 16 and by the age of 22 threw rigorous training and study obtained 2 doctorates from the universal life church monastery in religious lore and ceremonial magic ranging from Confucianism to Jainism and rastafianism to ancient Heka(AKA EGYPTIAN) ECT, I am a ordained minister of ceremonies, and do a bit of minor work in the area of wort cunning. I Try in my free time to share my knowledge of the old ways with the ones willing to learn what I have to offer if interested pleas feel free to message me. also I'm very interested in learning about potions and herbal teas ___with the power of the holy trinity blessed be Magic level: advanced journeyman Tarot signifier card: The Magician Length of magical study: 13 years Astrology symbol: both sun and moon are Aquarius Element: air Spirit animal: owl Type of wizard: White Wizard (wizard quiz) Type of magic studied major: Ceremonial Lore Mastery and divination Type of magic studied minor: Wort cunning and Alchemy (Chakra activity) Root:(25%) open Sacral:(44%) open Navel:(56%) open Heart:(44%) open Throat:(75%) over-active Third Eye:(100%) over-active Crown:(69%) open chakra test