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Name: KitsuneEiai
Birthday: Feb 1995
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I am the High Priestes of Aquaintance with Darkness. My name is KitsuneEiai, and this is Japanese for Fox, and then Eternal love. I just thought it sounded extremely beautiful together. I'm quiet, deep, and connected with nature and my innerself. I am a believer in balance. Therefore I practice both the 'light' side and the 'dark' side. I enteract with deamons and spirits, although hardly any from the 'lighter' side. It is true that I connect better with myself on the darker recesses of my mind, but I embrace the lighter through natural magicks such as herbalism and meditation. Natural bourn empath and psychic, so much of what I do is to strengthen that. A lot of what I do is energy work and energy manipulation. Embrace each and every part of you. They make you who you are and do not be afraid or wary of your thoughts. I do not teach beginners, but If you have a genuine question and it is something that I can help you with, I would be glad to help. Do not mail me with simple greetings or a request for something ridiculous. I will act out in intelligence and expect you to do the same. Intelligence, people. Intelligence.