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Hello there, my name is AlexAutopsy(keeping personal name for my own reasons)and I have recently(3 years ago) started to notice wicca and since then I have been studying the ways of Wiccans and Witches. At the current I have very little experiance in the astral world and want to explore the astral planes to help further my knowledge of what lies beyond the grave and body. Although i have very little experience in the astral world I'm a great natrual healer I dont speake any incantations or use any spells or herbs I simply will that the person afflicted(minor only) be healed and this usauly works in a few days, or if it's just a muscle tense then it will be healed within an hour. Along with healing I have a small progressing skill in foresite and this happens rarely, but more so now that I am studying the Withces and Wiccans ways of life, worship, and pracitce. The spells and incantations i'm intrested in are those of "white magic" and healing so that I may help the earth and others that need healing and spiritual help. The reason for me being intrested in this area of spells is that I beleive you only get back what you put in, so if I put in anger and violence then I will only recieve anger and violence in return, but if I do the exact opposite then I shall recive the opposite of anger and violence=love and peace. There is a fine line between justice and vengence one that I am sure to steer clear of so that I never cross the two and recieve negative energy in return. In magic I look to gain inner peace and harmony with those around me such as animals and humans. In order for me to acheive my goals I need to learn to be more patient while I do have patience at times it's not the longest string in the world, but we all have flaws and nobodys perfect well not in one life anyways. Which brings me to my next belife that there is indeed reincarnation after death and that the soul needs to learn to perfect the flaws in order to acheive it's goal of perfect harmony with its self and others. While many will tell me that reincarnation is just a lie and that as soon as we're dead that thats the end of us, I tell them that they should be respectful of my beliefs like I am of theirs, since I obviously believe otherwise. Now that we got through the main portion I will tell you a bit about myself. While yes indeed I'm instrested in "white magic" I like a many number of, usually asscociatied with the devil and evil, dark material(not books, usually clothing and lighting) although it's very unusual that I dress in black or dark colored clothing but I love the way it looks. while I like the how dark i can get my room I also like it when it gets light in my room, or my room is all lit up. I like to hear about others and their experiences and how they managed through tough times. Most of the time I can feel a little bit of their emotion that they whent through during that time, and this also leads me to beleive that I'm partly empathic but only to those around me(physicaly). I have a many number of intrests such as anime and gamming but I do not let those interfere with my learning of the god and the goddess and the learning of life lessons. I am straight but I do not harbor hatred for gays, bi's, lesbians, or pansexuals(basicaly bi but only falling in love for the person and not gender). Like many other people out there I love to listen to music from sad songs all the way to hard core scremo and especially like to listen to techno. So if you have any questions don't be shy just ask and blessed be.