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Name: Vansant
Location: In Darken woods on the left side of my head
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Feb 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My Name is Lord Vansant

I am a Psychic Vampire and I can call my self a lord of my kind for many reasons for that I have faced demons, I have went to other reality and seen the world different, I have encounters with ghost both good and bad, I have met different kinds of races Werewolf, not met a witch face to face yet but that will change soon and my own kind Vampires both Psychic and Sang so I have been around I have Faced the Devil and won I have seen the light that is god first hand and seen him I have done spells that has be able to heal any sickness and I have really found the True immortality and how to get it what I have said is half is what I have done I have found things that others have feared and wanted but I only want more I have walk in to the library of all knowledge and I have read only want I wanted I have open my body to the highest point of awakening and is still growing into the fullest power of the light learned both Light and Dark powers and how to use them

My soul animal is a Black Dragon

My swords I use Naboora(darkness) Ykeyna (Light)

My astronomy sign is Capricorn

MY Chines sign is Monkey

My Plant ruler Saturn

My element is Earth

I am able to read minds (quite stupid to do anyway everyone things the same but some don't) I am able to see the soul what color it is, I have the ability of Empathy, telekinesis, astral travel, pit people under hypnosis which they cant denied me, able to tap into any energy source people, electric, or earths, to command any item to do as I wish, link souls with people and watch them to see though their eyes and feel the body and able to heal form anywhere,

As I have said I am a Psychic Vampire and I hate when people hate all kinds of Vampire but this is the only thing you need to understand about my kind the reason why we are able to tap into humans and steal their energy is to power our own body's because our body are not able to produce enough atoms to be able to fight off sickness and able to work our body's fully so our body's are in constant need of the souls energy to power the body but by learning the bodies needs and wants you can watch what it eats and see the people around you get in better health because when I was young every time I was sick others were healthy and when I was happy and well everyone that was around me was sick and depressed I have learn though the years and if there is any other Vampires on this site Please I can help you I am a fellow Brother and there is girls that are the same so please let me know and we can keep in contact so we can help each other if any of us needs it

Lord Vansant


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