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Name: Scener_Lux
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Status of the day : can't be tamed ;3 so call me maybe ;p

Since you decided to visit my profile, here are some information about me :

Although I dont really like sharing personal information with others, I would like to say that my name is Demise and Im a male who lives in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe, with lots of charming islands and the best in people!

Im a young teenager who loves music and gets inspired by almost everything. In my free time, I like drawing anime, (especially Naruto characters) listening to music( as music is a reflection of self) swimming and practicing magic.

As about it, I've been studying magic for 5 years and I gladly increase my knowledge day by day.

I've been practicing for 3 years and a half, and I found out great things, like I'm a psychic and an empath.

Although I feel close to all the elements, my basic element is water and my second one is wind.

In addition my zodiac is Pisces and my horoscope Scorpio .

I've been interested in lots of types of magic like

  • basics
  • healing
  • scrying
  • Chakra
  • telepathy
  • channeling
  • psychics
  • empathy
  • Elements
  • Tarot
  • Voodoo/Hoodoo
  • Crystals
  • Ancient Greek Mythology & Traditions

By the way,I WONT CAST ANY SPELL FOR YOU because a spell needs the caster's personal energy and will in order to be succesfull. I'm willing to give you any tips you want so.

Anyways, Im also a very good friend who loves talking, facebooking, tumblring, texting, twitting and of course hanging out.

Im also willing to teach you the things I know,

so whatever you need me, feel free to message me.

P.S. I wont bite a lot ;)