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Name: Incarnate
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Hi there,.. and thanks for stopping by.
First things first, my real name is Brian and are from Denmark.
I've been studying magic since I was about 8 years old.
The reason why I began to study the occult and magic was because I apparently had knowledge about magic (+skills) and other occult information without ever reading any of that sort. Not the type an 8-year old child would know. And been practicing since I was bout 11-12 years of age, though it was very on and off in my teens.
Though I've been told by numerous clairvoyants that my connection to magic and the occult go way back - apparently I have been a Dark arts master and thats why I have a strong connection and that also explains why I feel drawn towards the Darker Arts, however thats not my main practice. And I would like to point out that I'm not and evil or mean person, it's quite opposite, and of course that is if you're on my good side and you're not trying to wrong me in any way.
I've also developed my own system for understanding, learning and casting magic that works. And please note that this system was made before reading about actual theories from other magic workings that actually match my theories. Apparently my way of understanding magic is very similar to various other forms of established magic. So it's pretty clear that the system I have been able to make somehow is connected to how I used magic in my former lives.
Right now I'm practicing solitary but I am certainly open for covens, since I would like to establish or at the very least be a part of something greater, which others can benefit from.
This was just a brief introduction to who I am.
Feel free to contact me if you want to talk.
Bene in ignota! ~ Fare well in the unknown!
My Best to you!