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EmberWolf16's Profile

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Name: EmberWolf16
Birthday: Mar 29 2000
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 15 Jun 2013
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
I am different from most people i see things differently,i also learn things differently. My element, i am not yet sure what it is at first i thought it was earth but than i thought it was fire so now i am not sure. If you could help me on this please do. I am 13 years old and i love all sorts of mythical creatures and things that have yet not been explained. I am extremely creative and come up with completely crazy ideas that might and might not work. I love animals but if i had to pick my favorite it would either be a wolf or a American kestrel(a certain type of falcon). I pick up on learning things easily if i understand it that is. I have a hard time learning certain things like if i don't get it or if i don't know how to do something well lets just say its like trying to teach a dog to talk, its impossible. If i do get it well i learn it very quickly and sometimes it just takes me a little while to learn it and get it learnt in my brain kind of like a song. My favorite colors are red and black and usually when people find this out and see some of my more darker sketches and art work i get looked at as goth. I am, but yet im not, In some ways i can be and in some ways cant be. But yeah so at a certain time i thought i was a werewolf but im not sure so help me if you know. I love the woods mostly during the winter because i can track animals easier and see through the woods better. I sorta have bad anger issues not as bad as i used to but i guess you could say i really don't have them anymore. Before i was like a ticking time bomb, All you had to do was say something about my best friend or me or hurt one of my friends and you would be sure of getting your face punched in like a hammer would go into a TV, your face would be shattered. I soon saw that at times i was hurting my own friends with my uncontrollable urge to fight and soon began to slowly change my ways.Now i can keep my demon in control with out unleashing it at the slightest rude comment and i really don't care what people say anymore because i really just don't care. I have become a more peaceful loving person that is all ways making people laugh or smile and helping friends and other people through problems they need help on. So once you get to know me you know that some where deep inside i am a kind gentle soul just looking for a friend who trusts me. I had to make a new account due to gags and gagging my old name was emberwolf13 if you were one of my friends please add me again.