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Name: Saphiiaan
Birthday: Feb 20
Location: Australia
Gender: Male
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Hello, I'm Saphiiaan but feel free to call me Saphii. I'm only to learn and share what I know with others and possibly make some friends with like minded individuals along my way. I have my beliefs and my opinions and I speak freely about them, just as I respect the opinions and beliefs of others even if they don't agree with mine please respect mine in the same manner as I would yours. If you need help with something I do implore you to ask and I will manage to do what I can to help; just please refrain from messaging me about things that are unlikely or nearly impossible. I've always travelled the path, however only as I've grown have I actually realised my actions. I strive to stay with what I deem to be for better of the term 'white' magick, however the context of one's magick is in the eye of the beholder and at the end of the day it all comes down to intent. Further on that note, I also believe that we're all equals. Just because I try not to dabble or delve into certain aspects of the art doesn't mean I deem myself anymore superior than anyone who does. We all have our choices to make and who's to say ours is anymore right or wrong then the next person's. Also I get busy a lot so if I don't reply for a while I may just be busy. So when messaging me: (Stolen from WitchyKid, thanks hehe) Please Don't: Send me ridiculous mail claiming impossible feats, sexual advances, spell requests or anything similar. Be homophobic, racist or sexist around me, I will report you, block you and whatever else I can do to get away from you. Try and tell me you know what you're doing when "U typ liek dis!" or "LIKE THIS!" Send me mail that has no subject, it will be ignored. And Please Do: Feel free to ask me sensible questions. Share resources with me, I'll share whatever I have back, I'm always eager to learn. Start up a general conversation with me, I love to meet new people and socialise. Send me mail if you're capable of filling out the subject text box. So blessed be and have a blessed day. :)