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Merry Meet! My name isn't important, you may call me by Night's Child. I am Wiccan and have been for two years now. I study in secret with my two best friends, one of them being a member of this site. Her name is Hidden One. I love my path very much and to not intend to leave it. Wicca is like air to me, or the blood that flows through my veins. Without Wicca I would not be here and no, I'm not exaggerating. I believe very strongly in the three fold law. I believe that if you cause harm to others it WILL come back to you, whether you follow a pagan path or not. I've always believed this, even when I was Christian. I am a very open minded person, I am willing to listen to whatever you may tell me, though I might not agree. I hate feeling ignorant because I deal with quite a few ignorant people everyday. Some say ignorance is bliss, and I agree. As you gain knowledge, you are faced with more burdens.But I will gladly accept the burden versus being an ignorant idiot. I really cannot stand stupidity. I realize that we all have those "blonde moments" and that is perfectly fine. I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, we all do. But stupidity.. It drives me insane. If you are privileged enough to receive an education than you should make an effort to learn. Everybody has the ability to do so, some just don't want to. I realize that I'm ranting, so I'll hush up and just list some information about myself... INFO: Name: Night's Child Path: Wicca Element(s): Spirit and fire Spirit Guide: Black Panther Favorite color(s): Purple, blue, black, and silver Interests: Photography, painting, sketching, and writing (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, ect.) Additional Site Memberships: (screen name is Hecate) You may message me if you like, if I have not bored you to tears already. I am always willing to help. If I cannot help you, I will try to point you in the right direction. *Also: If you claim to be a vampire or some other mythical creature, I will not talk to you.* Merry Part!