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My life story. When i was born my mom and father both loved me. Nov. 2nd 1997 i died by choking on a tip of the bottle my mom was feeding me. My dad saw me die and they both mourned for about ten minutes. My father then realized how to bring me back to life and slapped me hard on the back and reactivated my heart and brain. The tip of the bottle came out of my throat and i started breathing again. When i was three my dad started beating me so hard i would bleed from my back, legs, and face. It progressivly got worse every day because of his job he had. He didnt like that i wasnt the most perfect child and tried beating it into me. One day during field day at my school i passed out due to extream heat, running too much all day, dehydration, starvation, and the obvious of weakness. When i woke up i was on the grass and everyone was huddled around me. A year before that i was in 2nd grade and two fifth grade boys jumped me. Of coarse i fought back and i hospitalized them by shoving pencils in their ears and noses, then when they were on the ground crying in pain bleeding i ran to go get help after i beat their faces in with a book, i broke the pencils and their noses. I never got in trouble but when i got home that was another story. My dad beat me until i was sprawled on the ground eyes rolled back weeping for mercy and there was a knock on the front door. He locked my room and told me to shut up or he would come back. Years later in the year of 2008 i was in fifth grade half way through the year. I went home and cleaned the whole house, did the dishes, washed my clothes, cleaned the sugar gliders' cage, and packed my lunch for the next day. I went to my room to start picking up every peice of lint so my dad didnt have an exscuse to abuse me that day. Up until that point i had ran away 3 times. Each time i ran away afraid for my life. He had cameras and recorders everywhere in the house and didnt let me visit my mom for 4 months straight because i passed out while picking up dirt from my carpetted room. So that day, January 14th tuesday 2008, i will never forget that date... it was the day my school called CPS (child protective services) and had them call my dad for the 3RD time and ordered my mom to come pick me up that day or i would be sent to state (childrens home for girls aka foster care) since then my brother tried to rape me twice. The second time i was asleep and i told my mom, police, CPS, special agents, and others. NONE of them believed me since i was diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress dissorder), ADHD (attention deficate hyperactivity dissorder), Anger phsycosis, and major depression. I was ordered to live with my sister in mississippi for a few months then i came back and threatend to kill my brother because he was fighting me for no reason(telling on him rather) and i was sent (yet again) to a mental hospital for a week. I was sent to Oakcliff to a safe house for temporary placement so that i wouldnt be taken from my mom. I was kicked out for refuseing to appologize to a kid who LIED on me saying i stomped on her foot reapetedly. The girl then took the razor that they gave her and took a blade out and put it under my matress and i went to go lay down and they came in and forcefully removed me and one of the workers i had pushed away because she was hurting me(i was on the ground on my back and she was kneeling over me shaking me) and so i pushed her off and she took her BOOT and stommped on my stomach(where ribs split at front) and my breast plate. The cops arived and took me back to the same mental hospital because they thought i was trying to kill myself with the razor blade and i fought with the staff. Even though they wouldnt listen to what i had to say about the matter of fact and listend to the LIES that the staff said and the girl who lied on me and put the blade under my mattress. After what was i think 2 weeks of misssery i got out with a few gifts for my mom and i found out we had to move again for the... sorry im counting..... 8th time in 3 years. We moved in with her boyfriend and i was scared about meeting him since the last one she was pushed into a glass door by her neck and i called 911 and she WOULDNT show them the bruises left on her she just wanted to get out safly. So i met him and he allowed us to bring our small dog with us and said i would have his office and my brother had the garrage and the couch... lucky him... now about 9 months later here i am. Im here with a reputation that im proud of and scares the living daylights out of the football team >:) I am in theatre, french 1, algebra, english1, biology, world geo., etc. .... so now i plan on taking latin for the 3 remaining years and trying to stop running into things. Since the day i moved from my dad his last words haunt me... "If you ever step on my door step again, i will shoot you." and i always wondered if i have a little brother or sister.... if i did i would feel sorry for the girl and not the boy. The brother would be treated better than i was and he would probably love the kid because of what my aunt put my dad through. I've never really met my REAL grand parents but i always had real family just by the people i know and care about. Please dont let this kind of abuse hurt anyone else. I may take pride in what happend to me but thats because i've had spiritual help from my animal guide(a fox) and most dont see things the way i do. Please if you see or hear about any kind of abuse speak up!!! If my school didnt take me out of that situation i would be DEAD right now... i remember clearly one night the lights flickered and my dad said "The lights flickering means someone is going to die tonight, it will either be you from me beating you until you die or me from beating you and me having a heart attack from the fun i'm having watching your pathetic face cry and plead. If you jump or move or say anything other than the number of times i've hit you with this belt, i will start over. I owe you 562 hits but im only going to give you 346. if you want to leave now, i will beat you until you cant walk anylonger so you have to crawl your way out of my house and il; never have to see your face again." then he started hitting me on the back butt and legs and i counted up to 258 and i lost count my dad started over and i passed out and then he carried me to bed bent me over and wooped me there and i was still asleep... the next day i had to clean my sheets because blood covered them and i have scars on my legs today from the 7 years he abused me. Please speak out against child abuse and put those parents who are neglecting their kids in jail....