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This bio is about how i got may powers and how they went from white to dark. When i was 4 i got my poers for i am able to see thing befor the happen. Inturbit and tell people what ther dreams mean when they dont understad them. But when i found out my grandmother died every muscle in my body went down. After her funeral she had left a will and i got a book that was my 6XGreat grandmothers. it also stated that reson she gave it to me was that she wanted me to translate it in to english. It took me 6 years to get over her death but i had found out that the very first page was a spell that would only let supernatrul people to read it. Then it had a arrow on the bottom of the page. When i turned the page it read in my blood line may read this book that ment people from her blood line were the only ones that could read this book. Most of my knowleg came from that book then i develup a new power that made it possible for me to kill any spirt. But now i really need a actule coven meaning not on the internet to join so my power dont go out of control. For it is turning dark very dark.