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Name: BoiGyspy
Birthday: Jan 11 1989
Location: England
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i am a 23 male Romani Gypsy but have been settled for 10 years now. i was born with a gift, which is said to run down gypsy blood but normally the last girl of a generation, but being last boy with no girls in the generation i was the one to receive the gifts of foresight,clairvoyance and gypsy magick. For many years i did not understand the gifts that was given to me and it was not explained to me until i was 18. were it is traditional to get taught the ways by the elders. i regularly practice magick for only good, protection and healing. i am a kind an considerate persons who is willing to help anyone. so if there is anything i can do to help all you have to do is ask. :) Knowledge is power so i am opening to learning anything new