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Name: Amaya19
Birthday: Nov 20 1992
Location: Tucson,PictureRocks,Az
Gender: Female
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I found that i am a witch when my aunt told me and when i stated to have premagishions in my dreams. And i an very happy now since i Meet my bff Midnightmoon and i both started to help each other with our magic.

When i was nine I had a dream about a plane crashing into the side of too buildings and when ever i went to school the next day we had all gotten out of school early on 9-11 which freaks me out that i seen it happen before it happend.

And when I was 13 I seen my dad get into a car crash and that happend.

Also when i was 16 i seen a 5 car crash in my dream and that happend the very next day.

When i was 17 i seen i seen 2 people in my dreams that i never meet but they went to my school in Las Vegas Nvand they had gotten into a car crash the day after we gotten out of school on Friday and they died.

And i seen the earth quake/ tsunami in japain in my dreams right before it even happend.

but latly i been seen my past life and all of my past lives were witches and they all were burned,hung,drowned,and stoned to death.

I am german,french,italian,and 2 diffrent types of indans

As long

I wounder if u would stick around with me as I sat there crying my heart out

But as long as u were there it made me as happy

I wounder what went wrong with us cuse now ur not there beside me as I cut myself

As I bleed I bleed as long as u where not mine

I hate the fact that I wounder what could have been

As long as I wounder I keept on crying in to the blood that I made into my wrist every time I thought of u

fav.color:midnight blue,black, and orange



eye color:hazel(brownish green)

hair color:very dark brown

hobbie:i write and draw

I am *BI*


why is it every time i think about u my heart always goes into a dark stage

i hate that i cry for you even when i hate what you done to me

Why is that i can't i hate you even when i felt like i should

My love will be yours but i will never be

Y is it that i had a dream that people are going to die to day that i never even meet and i have a very strong funny feeling that it will happen i hate it when i hav this feeling

Element: fire

gift: primadishions

Dreaming of You

I'll be dreaming of you tonight til tomorrow, i'll be holding you tight and there's nowhere

in the world i'd rather be than here in my room, dreaming about you and me......