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Moonlight53's Profile

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Name: Moonlight53
Location: In my world ;)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Jan 2014
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
A GREETING Hey everyone! What's up? I'm new here (on this website). VERY new. Don't be put off by this. I know some stuff about this site and love magic so it seems wonderful to discover this place. BTW: The spell of mine was a copy of someone elses. Sorry. ABOUT ME Name - Morgiana Favorite Food - Pasta Favorite Desert - Apple Crumble (Yum!) Favorite Sport - Basketball Favorite Game - Spin the Bottle Favorite Name - Mylah which means sympathetic Favorite Spell - A Simple Healing Spell Guide - Wolf Cub WHAT I ACT LIKE I, Morgiana, act quite dreamy half the time. I spend half the day in nature and at school I pay attention mostly when it is about plants, trees or flowers. I keep my eyes open for magic and fairies(see my first and third obsession) and occasionally study wolfbloods (my second obsession). But my heart has always been with my first obsession, magic (see below). MY FIRST OBSESSION - MAGIC Since I was three I've had an unusual obsession with magic. I have always known it was out but I just needed to find it. Now that I have, I feel great. If you know any wonderful spells contact me and I'll be sure to try it. Plus, if you have the same, weird obsession that I have with magic, we can be great friends! I don't care if you are a boy or girl - both are fun either way! And just imagine us doing magic together even though we are both online. :) MY SECOND OBSESSION - WOLFBLOODS I'm interested in wolves and although loads of people tell me they aren't real, I believe in wolfbloods too. Wolfbloods are humans that can turn into wolves at will. Now, if you want to add me but get slightly (or very) put off of me because you have read this, I want to tell you that I hope you change your mind in thinking I am weird because I can believe what I want, okay? No offence if I am being rude. WE CAN SEARCH TOGETHER... If there is anyone out there who believes in wolfbloods like me, add me, mail me, tell me if you've found anything so far. I don't want to attract weird, mean, people who snatch children but I do want someone who can help me on my search for a wolfblood. I don't mind if you don't actually believe in wolfbloods but you are helping me to keep me happy/see what happens. I don't appreciate however if you are just pretending everything just for a laugh. Please be serious or at least try and keep me happy. MY SECOND OBSESSION - FAIRIES Now you may think me to old to believe in fairies but who cares? I believe in them and I am sure that I've seen one once or twice. If you have any fairy experiences where you have probably seen a fairy, mail me! I'd love to hear all about them! :) MY GUIDE My spirit guide is a wolf cub. It is a boy with golden brown fur and bright amber eyes. I love my guide, he is protective and determined. I think that my guide would do anything for me. MORE INFO SOON!