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Name: wicca_witch
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MESSAGE OF IMPORTANCE: I've noticed that people are misusing this website as a dating site. IT IS NOT. I've been messaged countless times and quite a few people have shown interest in me. I do not want to sound rude at all, but this is a website that revolves around the world of witchcraft, NOT the world of finding your soulmate (besides the fact that this site provides spells regarding so). I ask that you please talk to someone else if you are looking for a girl. If you wish to be my friend, feel free to talk to me BUT DO NOT MESSAGE ME WITH THE INTENTION OF DATING ME AS THIS MESSAGE RIGHT NOW IS AN AUTOMATIC REJECTION. I apologise, but I'm here on this website for the love of magic, not for the love of boys. Thank you. Happy casting! My name is Mara Isabel Santos and I am 17 years old. I am a figure skater of 4 years and I am a born witch - as to what I am told. I am not sure if that is true but I guess I go along with it. I barely use this site now, but I've been casting spells since I found out about my magical background, which was 5 years ago when I was only 11. I love drawing, anime/manga, writing stories, internet surfing, being a witch and I have an absolute passion for figure skating. With things I don't like, well one thing's for sure, I hate spells that don't seem to work (LOL) and I hate failing at figure skating tests. My type of style tends to change drastically, and it's because I love to experiment with what I'm comfortable with. I'm a huge tomboy--been one for as long as I can remember--yet I dress girly whenever I feel like it, I dress like an emo whenever I feel like it (being an "emo" also seems to be stuck on me as people would somehow always mistake me for an emo 0.o), I will dress ugly for all I care if I'm lazy, sometimes switch from emo to gothic, and often I dress quite boyish (with a touch of femininity I guess). Lately, I've been more in touch with my feminine side, possibly because I'm a growing girl and maturing. My emo/gothic side seems to also have depleted a bit, but I know I'll always love the look of those styles. To see me drawings visit: maureena-chan.deviantart.com To see my stories visit: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2532813/ShanaSakuraGal Thanks. :)