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Energyseeker's Profile

Member Info
Name: Energyseeker
Birthday: Jan 20 1993
Location: India, and also some other world of my making
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Jan 2018

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
When i was young, i thought i only had problems because i never saw it in anybody, and it was also because i never got close to anybody, but one day a friend told me his problems and then slowly anybody around me started telling me their problems. Then i understood that there is nobody out there who doesn't have problems in their life. If anybody reading this is going through any problems, it would be wise if you let it out rather than letting it rot inside you whether you tell it to me or your friends or family, just let it out. The worst mistake a human being can do is underestimating other people. Everybody is special in their own way and can surprise everybody and can run over people who underestimates them. People who underestimates others are know as bullies. So if you've been bullied or are being bullied, that means you are special and don't you ever(whoever is reading this) forget that. Sometimes my mom gets angry at me, and i wondered "Why is she angry at me, isn't she supposed to love me, after all she is my mother?". But this was when i was young and naive, and i only saw her as my mother. But then my bad time came, i wasn't able to trust anybody, not even my mother, and i secluded myself in my room for a year and i just recapped my whole life and then i understood one thing, that my mother is a human being, not some creature who will love me unconditionally. Every human being has the right to be selfish and have some ego, that's what make them humans in the first place. Every person you interact with, remember that they are also human being like you are, as this will make it easier for you to understand them and relate to them. You hate somebody because he is a selfish jerk...think what you would have done in his place. Of course most people would think "I wouldn't do that.", but think rationally, are you sure you would do something else? If so, then he is a selfish jerk. If not, then think who is the one who is being actually selfish. But, hey, you are a human, you have the right to be selfish. So don't hate people because of his or her selfishness. It took me a long time and a hundred heart breaks to learn this, i hope whoever reading this learns quickly without any hardships. And if any of you have any questions or if you oppose this thought, don't hesitate to question me. Imagine a world where everybody is like you. Would you enjoy living in a world like that? You'll probably say yes, especially if you think that nobody understands you. But really, would that be a "yes"? If you are sure it would be, let me give you an example. Considering that you are having your favorite dish and you think "Oh I wish I could have this everyday" and viola! your wish comes true, you get to have that dish everyday. It would be good the first day, it would also be good the second but the third day you'll probably have gotten used to dish and on the fourth day, you may wish that you could take that wish away and you could have something else for a change. The world works something like that, if there is only one type of person in this world, no matter what type it is, good, bad, shallow, deep, etcetera, it won't be a world anymore. It'll be just one person taking a whole lot of space. Different people make this a world, a place worth living because of their differences. It's the difference that makes it interesting, to say the least. So if a person, whether your friend or your family, is a somebody you don't want to exist, just think carefully what would happen if they truly didn't exist. They are giving you a chance to be better than them, or at least they are being some sort of entertainment in your life, which would count as something, don't you think? Any type of criticism is welcomed, even if you wholeheartedly disagree with me, I would like to know your opinion. I'm just a strange guy, if you wish to know about me. I mostly don't talk much and I'm a writer, i write stories because i have an uncontrollable imagination and i just want to store it somewhere. I'm bi but i don't have anybody in my life. There was one, but she used me and when i knew it, it was too late, but who cares. I specialize in energy controlling and manipulation. I'm also learning spells but i guess its going to take some time. If anybody want to ask me anything, just mail me and im sure i'll reply even if it takes some time, but i sure will. There were some people who asked about what i am writing, so here is just a summary of my story:- It's the year 2875(mypetdragons7's courtesy for giving me an year), a new era where humans and androids live together harmoniously all because of one company, Stellar Industries, run by non other than Andrew Stellar, co-founder and scientist. But the private life of Andrew Stellar is breaking down, taking him down the path of depression. But then somebody comes, who Andrew met and hated before but now she is the only one who can change Andrew's life. But there is something that is stopping Andrew from loving her, his own creation which could make everybody's life more comfortable. Now he has to make his most important choice, love to save his life or the comfort for others who depend on him.