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tEACH Mii SOMETHING DARK. thE LIGHt Is PEACEFUL YET BLINdING. Name: Just call mii Abbie Age: 24 Status: Single I'm a Devoted pagan for about eight years but I feel there's something off like I'm unfullfilled. However I'm very creative and very successful. A chance to be in a coven would be a blessing. It would give mii a chance to learn with others who choose the same path instead of only reading books. I love this site. I'm actually sort of a reclusive person other than work and sleep I'm constant reading articles and forums c: Also I test spells. A delicate process. Dont be afraid to mail mii one. I'll write my experiences and tips/advice c: ["Oh dear Cupid hear me out find me true love to come about find me my desire irresistible like fire tis my will so it shall be!".] Favorite things: Before im dead by Kidney theives, Rainbows, Blood (i just love how red and liquidy it is1 :) and how much can come out), Money (sure its soul numbing and corrupting man kind and yes, will most likely be our down fall,, But its everything and you dont know anythang about life until you realize the difference it makes), Theres probably alot more but im bored so later peeps =) :YOUR SO AWESOME I WANNA EAT YOUR FACE: :) :P =) =P =D :) :P =) =D =P Our generation will change the world. We are in the Age of Enlightenment. Indigo children are emerging, and are becoming more and more aware. Open your eyes. Manifest your thoughts into reality. Believe in the magic of the universe. You will be taken care of, if only you believe so.