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Name: LinnyBear223
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Hello! My name is Savannah and I am 13 years old. *********************************************************************************************** I am a proud practicer of divination (seeing spirits, don't hate!) and enjoy learning anything I can about witchcraft and the supernatural. I don't really have a lot of experience, because my friend recently got me interested with wiccan. But I have been practicing divination for a few years now. I enjoy watching rain and lightning showers, and burning candles. Visiting graveyards and searching for paranormal entities are also things I enjoy. ******************************************************************************************** I'm not super sure, but I'm pretty sure my spirit animal is a falcon. Or some type of bird, but I'm about 56% sure it's a falcon. ******************************************************************************************** And I know this may seem really stupid or crazy, but I also believe in the fae people, known by most as "fairies". I'm a super strong believer in ghosts and paranormal entities, and will definitely talk to anyone who shares that.