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You will learn a great deal from the foreigners you meet. Do your work at home, if you can. Someone may be trying to make you look bad. Self-improvement projects will payoff in more ways than one.
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YukiKurayami's Profile

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Name: YukiKurayami
Birthday: Dec 18 1996
Location: My dark frosty soul.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Apr 2012
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Hi,i love kitty chan. i would love to kill someone...just for the sake of killin,my fav movies are gory vampire ones,and scary not suspense scary....theres a diff -__- And i hate boys.....only exception to tht is if your gay bi or a roleplayer....or Goth,emo,scene,or punk. if u get on my nurves i will tell you...if i dnt like you ill tell you......if you ask me something ill tell the truth no matter how awful it may be :P.i dnt live in the past or future only present.....why u may ask.....cuz u cnt do anything to change the past,you dnt know whats gunna happn in the future. I like to hurt ppl.....gurls or bois,mostly bois though,reason why.....it gives me this warm and cozzy feelin in my belly and soul :) i love water.....i love to swim...i love the rain...i love taking a bath/shower. If you give me a nickname....most of the time ill try and act like watever tht nickname is or resembles like kitty kun cats hate the water and for me to be nickneamed kitty thn so shall i >. and in middle school i was rabbit...((dnt ask why -_-)) and so i thn tryd to act like i loved to jump....move y leg up and down like thumper,and do a nose thing like they do but if you give me a nickneme and dnt want me to act like something/someone else thn ill give you my nickname tht i have for myslef ^_^ i love emo kids goth kids scene kids and all of thoses labled ppl out there :D im getting 2 tats and there gunna be big dark fallen angel wings on my back,and tht sealing symbole tht the third hockage has on his belly from using the forbbiden jutsu called...Sealing Jutsu Shikifuhin Reaper Death Seal my fave drinks are 1-blood,2-water,3-and anything tht full of suger and very sweet. my fav foods.1-pastrys,2-candy,3-apples.((and if i cnt get ahold of anything sweet thn ill eat ramen noodles i love anime and vampires...sooo much i lie but not much,but even lie will back fire on you...so i try not to do it alot my fav kind of music is gothic techno...ex-Zombie girl,ayria,neuroticfish,modulate,god module etc. netflix is epic btw ;) im more goth thn anything....im into anything dark and or evil like demons and darkness but at the same time i love god jesus christ ower lord and savur....but thn agien i belive im goin to hell,and i belong there for everything thing i have thought about doin.and for the things i have done-might not be bad or anything to you but it was/is to me and i really dnt want to burn for all eternity i mean...who does just the thought of it makes my skin crwal on its self ((if tht makes any sence)) and also.i want mps or spd or what someone else has cant say aname or anything sorry...see mps is multiple personality disorder and spd is split personality disorder,and who i love ,well,i dnt think i have the right to go into detell so im not gunna. And well thts it...if u want any more info please ask,and be pacifice about what u ask dnt just ask what elese is there or....can you tell me more about yourself other thn what u put in ur note...im not gunna answer you ask like what ur fav animale or something...and btw my fav anime is a black and white fox