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Gunther's Profile

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Name: Gunther
Birthday: Feb 4 1980
Location: Marybale South Africa
Last Seen: Sat, 07 Apr 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Gunther That is who I am My name is Gunther And a Phantom I'll remain!! I am the Hidden Child of the Old Gods.I was born in the center of the second-decant within Aquarius. My ruler is the Dark Moon. My Power is of Dreams and I'm blessed with the gift of Aein_I can look into the heart of thing's and see the Soul. ********************************************************************** Here I am ? the Microcosm and the Fool Here I am ? the child of the Tarot too Being an ingenuous dreamer seeking my adventure With only instinct and my own idealism to guide me With a song in my heart I go on my journey Starting my path on the Wheel of my Life On the Wheel that is my Destiny ? remembering I?m only human too ? Starting on my journey I walk willingly Willingly true the Door of the Magician Transforming the world at my feet With all the Elements for success at my fingertips the Plate for possessions and the Sword for thought the Chalice for feelings and the Wand for desire And with my Spirit I practice my talents ? not forgetting that I?m human again ? Seeking the Sacred Feminine I find the power of Isis For the High Priestess teach me to search for truth With Her I stands before a mysterious Veil Showing me that the truth about love is not hidden But is found within the Powers of Above and Below With the joy to act in the name of my Lady And the power of action that is the name of my Lord ? discovering that I?m only human after-all ? So I have being given the breath of life By the High Priest that wears his Triple Crown Bringing me Divine Love and Learning Whose Wisdom is not hidden And whose Knowledge are for sharing And all that is ask is the giving of blessing ? so finding the humanity within me ? With the power of love and decision Cupid shoots his arrow towards Earthly Paradise As man and women stands naked together Eating the golden fruit that begins them too From the Tree of Knowledge Teaching me that two is the Pillars of the World And making the choice of Love that will not die ? finding myself to be human ? For the Soul anchored in the heart is the only key to deliverance! Here I am again ? the Microcosm child But what you do not realize ? so are you We are the Hidden Children of our Lady We are part of the Soul of the World We are all that was and all that is And we shell for all eternity be the Hidden Children of Thee O Sacred Feminine So we drive our Chariot only by our desires With determination we go on our journey Being puled by the pride triumphal Libido Dressed in full armor there we go Stay on the rocky road we must tightly keep the rein With potential struggle we master the conflicting passion Of victory and the bitterness of failure From which lessons there are to be drawn But then Justice tech us the Boundaries of Life The first of all the Cardinal Virtues Showing us that victory is not enough A balance yet need to be maintained with in us all With her tools of her Craft she stands in glory She infors her law of balance and fairness But we are advancing towards the future Determined as if we have no doubt we can reach our goal As we make our way through the twilight landscape We become the Hermit and our consciousness are revealed We find a special time for healing and withdrawal As we carry our own hourglass of time passing Holding our staff of wisdom that has taken form Look at things as they are, with a discerning mind With the Lantern and our Wand we continue on our journey And guided by the regenerative forces within us all Turning the Wheel of Fortune we find the knowledge of destiny For all that is Above so it is also Below All the changes and transformation that gives magic to Nature Everything changes, transforms and is ephemeral For it?s our actions and our words that makes the World go round The expression of our will, action and thoughts comes within They are what we are, the mark of our destiny But we have the choice to act or not to But Strength is our Riches of Riches But we need to act on the right time and only when necessary But our Lady?s serenity expression is a moral lesson That only patience and courage will triumph We need to learn how to measure the consequences of our actions Then we will become masters over ourselves And perhaps if we are welling the masters of our destiny But it is in the hollow of our hands And yet we remain the Fools of the Tarot For as the Hanged Man we wait for the Guide to our Future As we are tethered upside down to our own tree Our pose echoes that of God Oden Suspended for nine days from the World So we hold the power which has even greater strength The ability to let go and the power of forgiveness Realizing at last that all we are waiting for is ourselves But for us to be able to continue on our journey We need to first find our Great Passing of Death For death brings to light strength which is above all others That of the decay which generates our own rebirth A page to be turn for something new to occur That is only a quasi-comedic ghoul That comes like the mist of a relationships battleground But ones again the scythe is in our hands So death brings to us the Revelation of Temperance For with time everything becomes transformed and sorted out We are the beings whom dies and is reborn only to die again Becoming aware of the energy of life as it flows Flowing inside us and regenerating as it goes As a winged Anger that advocates balance With perfect poise decanting regenerating water on us all So keep a patience of an Angel and the beauty of love For we have acquired a psychic equilibrium By experiencing of our power we become Pan We have all the powers and forces of material and spiritual life But it is up to all of us to decide what to do with it We can either be a prisoner of matter ? our primitive instincts Thus following an endless cycle of only Chaos Or we can regenerate ourselves by plunging into matter Thus in doing this we will emerge delivered and greater But the Fire Serpent will always remain within us Biting its own tail and fertilizing itself as it is the Primordial Energy But as much as it is the forces of Creativity so it is that of Destruction For as the Fire Serpent regenerates itself, so does it only destroy itself For that is in its nature and that is what it do! So we clime our own Towers and we create our own Catastrophes For the Ego will always be the symbol for our Disaster That is what we will find when we face the great forces of Nature For we tent to forger that we haven?t got control over them If we chose the right path then nothing will interfere our progress When we make wrong chooses then all that has been acquired may be lost The higher we try to rise in this physical and material World The more we are tend to become a victim of our pride Then we expose ourselves only to destruction, ruin and Divine anger We need not forget from where we came from in the past We need to remember our pain and our own Hell For if we forget then we stand a chance to even fall further than ever before But we need to find our Star, our Inspiration of our Heart All we truly need is only guidance and inspiration So the Fertilizing waters are been poured into the pool of out Wisdom On the Earth of our own World in the hope that our life will grow The Heavenly promise is the emblem of purity and renewal That drives us to find the impulse that is the essence of hope This we can express in our love for life All of which is the same as loving our Souls Don?t forget that the words we speak has an influence over the elements For to speak is the same as to act! Speech is the fruit of our thoughts and our ideas It is our intelligence, our mind and our mentality And so we find our Sacred Feminine that is our Mother Moon We express our Ebb and flow of our emotions that is our Desire for Freedom So we see the face of the Moon reflected within the deceptively still waters Only seeing the dual faces of ourselves that is the landscape of the Soul But our Mother Moon illuminates all indecision?s within us For when we find the Sacred Feminine, she?ll reveal all hidden fears But we have felt the pitfalls of love which dead to confusion And knew the most beautiful love may be born ? Faith But the Kingdom of Darkness is all that?s hidden deep inside of us But all that is buried and concealed is the product of light So we need to face the unknown without any fear For it is up to us to stand up to the inner darkness within us all With our Quest for Unity we find our Sun For it heralds a time of happiness sheared with those we love But the Sun is our guide who takes us from ardent love to happiness The latter is accomplished through union with our Souls And we are protected from the World within the walled garden Our paradise is a sanctuary of our innocence We are touched by the warmth and light that brings strength and success But reason and madness comes together hand in hand Joint and united in order to create Divine Wisdom within But this Wisdom is like pure madness to those who does not understand It is born out of the innocence, purity and understanding Out of lightness of the mind and spontaneous joy belonging to children With Sense of Measure the Angels sound their Judgement Horns As above then So below ? echoing the Alcemical edict Here is the time for self-recognition where we feel good what is achieved From the Sacred Union something new will be born For we will be reborn onto ourselves and into ourselves By wearing only our nakedness we show ourselves as we are For we no longer have any reason to feel ashamed of what we are For we can discriminate between what is true and false The information of our existence no longer comes from the outside It comes from the inside and from ourselves and this is our Revelation Return to our roots, a regenerating return to our origins We need to look inward into ourselves to find them So we find our Accomplishment within the World And so the Cosmic-egg has signified the Heaven on Earth Like the egg, love is never ending and completeness of life But the Evangelists is protecting us all and to those who matters to us For we are born onto ourselves and we are one with the World For the World was born because of us and only exist for us It is within us and it lives through all of us We who think we understand the World does not understand anything For us to understand the World we first need to understand ourselves And remember that the future is neither close, far or probable We are living outside the world, inside an illusory world One that we belief to be real, but which is only the interpretation of it ? so we are blessed with the Theological virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity As It Is Will So Mote It Be!