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Name: Jembo
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Jul 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My upbringing was anything but 'normal', if there is such a thing. My Mum is a Pagan and my Dad's family Methodist Christians. I attended Sunday School, wasn't baptised as a child, was brought up with a Pagan outlook of our mother earth and spirtuality and have always been aware of spirits. From being a very young child I have been aware of my ability to channel universal energy for the purpose of healing and still practice this consciously and sometimes subconciously and in prayer. As a young adult I have inadvertently caused 'things' to happen as a result of losing my temper, which I am not proud of and for which now I seek forgiveness. I have also experienced premonitions in dreams which I believe is one of God's ways of comunnicating. The most amusing one I had more recently was a dream about the roof of our much loved campervan flying off whilst driving on a busy road.... the very next morning my husband was driving to work and the roof came off completely, luckily no one was hurt. At the time I thought of telling him about the dream, but didn't for fear of freaking him out! I Joined the Army at 17 and lead a non spiritual but moral life for 8 years, but always felt a bit lost spiritually, searching for 'the truth'. I tried my hand at holistic therapies in Reiki and Aromatherapy in my spiritual search and finally became a Christian. I found Jesus on a spiritual level and don't generally follow the orthodox methods of traditional Christianity, but I do share in christian fellowship and services. I have always felt drawn to the moon and universal energy found all around us in nature (the holy spirit / mother) and in particular the healing effects of my connection with this aspect of God. As a women I am 'intune' with the phases of the moon and have always felt a connection between my femininity and our celestial mother. I believe in the teachings of Jesus and the wisdom and guidance that can be found in the bible through which I can interpret God's word. I am currently searching for more information on the Gnostic texts and am very much a seeker as well as a believer. I am not yet baptised as I am still seeking 'the truth' and what being a christian means to me personally. I don't believe in denominations, but in a spiritual relationship with god. I believe that everyone has a right to their own unique relationship with the universe (God the trinity in my case) and spirituality and all paths are open to individual interpretation as is the bible. I am a christian but not what I would class as in the traditional sense, as I believe in the feminine aspect of the divine, mother earth and grandmother moon, the holy spirit, creation. Names are merely a means of placing into words what can't possibly be comprehended. My path is a combination based on my personal experience and of faith and for that reason I believe I can most closely identify with Wicca as well as Christianity.