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Name: gaz1939
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I'm from north west England, I enjoy watching horror films at night on my own and its even better when you have headphones in it sounds a lot better but there's one problem nothing seems to really scare me I'm very good at predicting what's going to happen and not just in films sometimes in real-life the amount of times the phone rings and I already know who it is and even know who I'm going to see before I actually see them for example once I was walking to the shop with friends and I saw the person in my head and I even said to my friends that we are going to bump in to someone, but of course they didn't believe me and about 5 minutes later we actually bumped into that someone and they said how did you know that, I just said I didn't know this was the first time I did this so I just past it as a coincident but after that I started to do it a lot more. I'm going to tell you one last thing that I thought was weird until now. one day a lady friend came to my house and the moment I let her in and sat down I felt very sad for some reason so I told her how I was feeling exactly but I didn't know why I was feeling sad and once I had finished explaining how I felt she bursted out in tears and when she finally calmed down she told me that one of her family members have just died and I just described exactly how she was feeling, at the time I had no idea what so ever but when she left I felt normal like a weight had literally been lifted off me and ever since then I'm able to understand peoples point of views and see and feel from both sides of a story to an exact point and in some cases if I think about it enough I can sense someone's pain even when they are no where near me. this has only happened to the people I am really close to and I cant do it willingly I have tried and failed. anyway this it why I joined this site to help me learn even though I don't believe in magic, luck, karma, god ect I think they are a load of bull and still do even thought what has happened to me. thanks for reading.