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Name: LilithEarth
Birthday: Sep 23 1999
Location: Trapped by the horrifying emotions that I experience....
Gender: Female
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"Why must you be so stupid? With that carefree aditude, Why must you be so hateful? So ignorant and rude, I know this may sound teedious, though I must comply, that you're too mysterious, we don't see eye to eye, everything is meaningless to the likes of you, but now you must see why, I can't stop loving you. How can you be so cunning? While sneaking all around, How dare you be so thoughtless, Not a care in town, But now I see your true side, very devilish I say, and by these you must abide, you are rueful in the day, your careless shouting, I always hear, you aren't counting, anything you fear. Maybe you're just jealous? Or just slightly confused, Perhaps you can't stand the fact, I that I understand you, Maybe you're just forgetful, this planet isn't all yours, how about unmeaningful? your mind locked in towers, and unforgiving by a lot, I cannot bear to say, that when you give a horrored shout, it brightens up my day. I hate your rudeness, your voice is safe to say, your dreadful hissing in the night, like a giant snake. So unseen I say, why must you be, slinking around at night instead of the day. Your damned soul will not bear, the truth I'm here to state, at the livliness it tears, a very alarming rate. However you can be like this, I shall never know, how little you care to take, the souls that you can't show...." That was a snippet of a poem I wrote just recently. It is very meaningful to me. I hope everyone likes my poetry.