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Name: .jake
Birthday: May 20 1990
Location: Dubai
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Hi Welcome to my profile I am new to this site. But i have decades of experience in magic many words used by younger generation is new to me as i have learned magic in strict ancient methods.. I don't catogarise myself in any way as i believe we all walk on a thin line of right and wrong.. But the most i hate is people who try to judge me so please take my note about it that and stay away.. I am not liable to explain any thing to any one Any one who seeks true knowledge can contact me i will be glad to give as much knowledge as i can.. I perform dark magic too *voodoo *Necromancy *Caliraudiance *Clairvoyance *Gotia *Seals and Signs *Astral Projection *Riki *Energy Magic I have a sprite guide. My power animal is an eagle. I am still in search of my self but i know i am on right way... If you want to know any thing about me feel free to mail me i will do my best to help you Dark Blessings Jake